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Why live under the Big Sky?

It's more fun here!

Experience the adventure of living in a new region of the country or state, with breathtaking seasons and climate variations. Recreation abounds year-round here-- amazing hiking trails, challenging mountain biking courses, camping, fishing, boating and skiing, are a few of our renowned outdoor activities. Your new home will surely become the sought-after desination for family and friends eager to visit.

Bozeman boasts a remarkably safe community, regularly recognized as a bike-friendly and walking-friendly city, annually. The population hovers around 45,000 yet as a University town has a great amount of culture.

The amazing part? Most often after moving here your quality of life will go up- while your cost of living goes down!

Montana is one of only five states that does not impose a sales tax, and property taxes are widely considered to be comptetitive, as well. Often, buyers find they can afford a bigger, better, and/or newer home here.

Bozeman has a solid job market, with a growing tech industry, and strong economy. Many large companies have moved into the area, proving ample job opportunities for our residents. Locals also find they have significantly more time for family and friends, with less of their days spent commuting to work.

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